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Click on the Recycle Graphic above to check whether your Printer can be refilled. This company supplies Toner Refill kits all across the world. They probably supply one for your printer, not keen on their web site but these guys live and breathe toner cartridges so they can tell you which can be refilled.
Although they supply US and Canada it's not really worth it outside Europe - let me know if you know a good company for there!

Refill Toner HP 2600

So can you refill toner in the HP 2600?   Hewlett Packard printers used to be some of the easiest printers to refill anywhere, which was good news for companies who had the sturdy laserjet models printing all day.

Toner refill for HP2600

Toner refill for HP2600

But alas of course HP realised that huge profits were being wasted by allowing people to refill these cartridges easily, sure it’s the green thing to do and reduces the environmental impact but that doesn’t mean much to the shareholders !

So the usual trick of adding a little chip to the cartridges happened, the HP 2600 had a little killer chip fitted to the toner cartridge to stop you refilling.  Imagine it’s like a car company fitting a device that stopped your car working after 50,000 miles so that you had to get a new one.  Incredible that this practice is even allowed as frankly it’s disgusting faced with the environmental issues of the world.

So Refill Toner HP 2600 – YES or NO

Well yes fortunately it is still quite simple, if you want to refill the HP 2600 cartridge you can buy little kits that allow you to refill it.  These usually have a little tool for creating a refiller hole, a little stopper and a small chip to replace the one HP puts on the HP 2600 cartridge.

It takes a few minutes to do, no real skill involved and if you buy a kit with proper compatible toner , no difference in print quality.  You can actually do without the chip on certain models as the chip can be overridden but check with the experts for that.

Not sure  how much the cost of new toner cartridges for the HP 2600 but refilling should save you between 50 and 80% of the cost each time you refill.  Remember though refilling your toner is simply replacing the ink, if the cartridge doesn’t work too well or there are printing problems – you’ll still have them after refill toner HP 2600, so buy a new cartridge in that case.

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