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Click on the Recycle Graphic above to check whether your Printer can be refilled. This company supplies Toner Refill kits all across the world. They probably supply one for your printer, not keen on their web site but these guys live and breathe toner cartridges so they can tell you which can be refilled.
Although they supply US and Canada it's not really worth it outside Europe - let me know if you know a good company for there!

How To Make Your Hummer A Green Vehicle

If you would like to live green, you would not have thought that owning a Hummer would be part of it. Nevertheless, with numerous alternative fuel sources coming to market, being a green Hummer owner is doable. Now that General Motors owns Hummer, the auto maker giant is trying to make Hummers that will run on alternative fuels. Because the typical Hummer gets bad gas mileage and uses considerably more fuel than a regular vehicle, it has never been well-liked by the environmentalists. It only made sense that an alternative fuel Hummer would be created by someone, so that individuals could afford them, and the environment would not be affected negatively.

That is what has come about, as an innovator in the green movement has taken up the challenge of turning the Hummer into an eco-friendly vehicle. Eco-Trek Organization is a not-for-profit group with Tom Holm, who promotes automobiles that don’t use gasoline, but clean burning alternative fuel sources. With his link to Eco-trek and an owner of a gas-guzzling Hummer, Tom was looking to make it environmentally safe. He not simply made the change to his Hummer, but he succeeded in doing it. Consequently, Tom succeeded in turning his experiment into a profitable commercial enterprise.

Tom also has tricked up these vehicles to make them more attractive to the young population. Tom’s Hummers have generated a lot of attention from the young crowd due to its fashionable designs and its eco-friendly underpinnings. His environmentally safe Hummers use less petroleum than a hybrid automobile, since they run on biodiesel fuel made from corn and soybeans. Actually, you can run the modified Hummer on vegetable oil. You will probably be amazed that this Hummer might be the largest car on the highway, but it gets 23 miles per gallon, and doesn’t use a single drop of crude oil.

Even celebrities are interested in these environment-friendly Hummers. FormerCalifornia governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger actually owns two environmentally safe Hummers. Furthermore, he owned a Hummer that ran exclusivvely on hydrogen fuel, which produces 0 greenhouse gas. Whenever your auto can run on a fuel and not emit any greenhouse gases, it is good for the earth. These days, you can own the Hummer that you always wanted without having to worry about hurting the environment.

You can get an environmentally safe Hummer or you can convert the one you have into an alternative fuel model. It may cost you some bucks but it is well worth it since you will own the car you want while protecting the earth.

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