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Click on the Recycle Graphic above to check whether your Printer can be refilled. This company supplies Toner Refill kits all across the world. They probably supply one for your printer, not keen on their web site but these guys live and breathe toner cartridges so they can tell you which can be refilled.
Although they supply US and Canada it's not really worth it outside Europe - let me know if you know a good company for there!


Many of the biggest printer companies try to pretend they are being environmentally friendly. They all have a ‘recycle scheme’ where you send back old cartridges for recycling.  The truth is that all these cartridges could easily be refilled and used several times and the only impact would be their profits would fall.

Check out the links on  these pages and see if your laser printer cartridge can be refilled with compatible toner. Most can even if the printer companies do their best to stop you ! Remember there is simply no need to recycle, refurbish or throw most laser cartridges away after only one print run, this is only to boost printer manufacturers profits.

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  • Hi,
    How do you decide what brand and model to sell in the uk and the usa?
    I heard that some brands and models have patents on them and you are not allowed to manufacturer and sell in the USA.

    Is that true? how can i know which one are ok?

    thank you.

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