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Click on the Recycle Graphic above to check whether your Printer can be refilled. This company supplies Toner Refill kits all across the world. They probably supply one for your printer, not keen on their web site but these guys live and breathe toner cartridges so they can tell you which can be refilled.
Although they supply US and Canada it's not really worth it outside Europe - let me know if you know a good company for there!

Cutting your Fuel Bills

Just read an interesting article in Wired that I’d like to share with you.  It was entitled how to cut your fuel bills by 30%, which is something that appeals to me !

It was a UK edition so maybe not much help to others but if you know of similar sites let me know.

First point was to make sure you buy from the cheapest petrol or Gas station – was mentioned for UK prices.  Although it was mentioned that don’t go out of your way too much to buy from a slightly cheaper outlet.  In fact a special journey for fuel makes little sense environmentally – so check the prices on a regular route of yours and don’t drive 20 miles to save a few pennies !

They also mentioned about losing weight in your car, apparently driving with an empty boot improves the efficiency by 2%.  Mind you not sure how they come up with that figure, it surely would vary hugely depending on what you had in your boot.  But it makes sense even driving with a full fuel tank means the car is less efficient.

And finally learn to Eco-drive, now I’ve tried this and it does save money if your car has a mpg computer you can see it working.

  • Avoid sharp stops and braking hard
  • Accelerate gradually and use your gears to slow down
  • Most efficient RPM is 2000-2500 revs
  • Change gears up quickly to maintain that RPM
  • Stuck longer than one minute then switch off !

A useful article, remember less fuel we burn, better for our environment and our pocket and every little helps.

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